Our offer

Servers and networks Administration

We administrate almost each kind of servers, networks ans services: single and shared servers, dedicated server infrastructure, Cloud servers and services, VPS (Virtual Private Server, based on self-managed OpenStack), Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, networks (LAN, WAN), and also Google Apps for Work, Office 365 online group collaboration suite, etc..
We operate infrastructure in multiple physical locations in Europe.
To see example of configuration with prices please go to Pricing
We are open to long time cooperation and also to single tasks.

Data backup

All backups are stored in one or two separate physical locations on encrypted storage. You can choose backup retention time according to your needs. Backup jobs are monitored as any other service.

Systems monitoring

Your services are monitored 24/7. Our incident reaction time is up to 1 hour. E-mail and SMS notifications are available.

Hosting your site

We can provide you almost any kind of Internet service that your business needs. We know all about websites, e-mail, domains, blogs, databases, shops and networks. We will help you optimize and secure your websites and servers.


If you need advice about IT, we can help you with our consulting service. Our deep and broad knowledge and experience will help you make best decisions.


We use services provided by well known and proven companies in the market.

Colocation, dedicated servers:
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Virtual Private Servers, Cloud infrastructure:
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